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Sunshine Doodles has been breeding top quality doodles for over a decade.  Through our many satisfied adoptive families, we are becoming increasingly well known throughout the world. Our pups are currently all over the United States as well as in Canada. We take great care in breeding and raising amazing, topnotch, healthy Goldendoodles, Double Doodles and Bernedoodles of all sizes, with the most adorable teddy bear faces to be found.  We have been told by many that Sunshine Doodles has the absolute cutest doodles out there, hands down!  It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. As you browse our site, we’re confident that you’ll agree ?.  Irresistibly adorable faces with soul searching eyes, soft fluffy coats, happy wagging tails, and sweet, enduring dispositions with OH-SO-MUCH love to give… that’s a Sunshine Doodle!  The excellence of our puppies can be traced to factors that begin long before conception. Only thoroughly screened and selectively chosen top-quality dogs make up our breed program.

What Are You Looking For?

We breed F1, F1b, F2b and Multi-Gen Teddy Bear Goldendoodles, stunning Chocolate Double Doodles and Gorgeous tri and bi colored Bernedoodles!

Our doodles are low to non-shedding and typically do well with our customers who suffer from common pet allergies. We know this first-hand as it was proven to hold true in our own family.

You probably already know that doodles are known for their beautiful coats. At Sunshine Doodles you will find a variety of gorgeous coat colors that will range from the loose soft waves to the tighter teddy bear curls.

We enjoy being able to offer a nice variety of coat colors from the purest pale English crème to the deep, dramatic reds and browns. Our multi-colored parti doodles continue to be very popular too!

So, what flavor do you like? We serve up creamy vanilla, butterscotch, red velvet, chocolate, oreo, s’mores… the list goes on!

From Our Loving Arms to Yours

Born and raised in our home, they are taught to be an important family member from day one. Our dogs are never caged! Throughout the day, in a safe place alongside their momma, the puppies experience the normal noises and activities of life in and around the house and are handled carefully and lovingly by both adults and children, preparing them socially and behaviorally to make a smooth transition into your family’s home.

Oh the Love of a Doodle ❤

Our Goal

Our ultimate goal as reputable doodle breeders is to provide healthy, happy, well socialized family pets. Sunshine Doodles partners with the professional veterinarian team at South Buffalo Springs Animal Hospital, supporting our breeding program with personalized, utmost care. Our over-sized property has lots of room to romp and even a large waterfall, winding river, and pond to play in! With our devoted team, our kids, nieces, grandson and extended families, the puppies get lots of love, playtime and socialization. This prepares them to be well adjusted little puppies when they go to their new homes.

Christmas puppies arriving soon!

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What Our Clients Say

Your puppy will excel in any training or challenge you place before him. He will stand out in any class. When you socialize him…every other puppy parent will want their puppy to play with yours because yours has already learned acceptable behavior. (You’d be surprised at how many haven’t!!) Inviting prospective ‘parents’ to a puppy play date is further proof that Sunshine Doodles is exceptional. One quickly realizes that there is no bad choice of a puppy! You feel blessed to be on the list to take home one of a beautiful litter of babies.

Dakota: Lisa

Best of all is our dog’s temperament. He has an incredible personality and is simply irresistible. I think this has a lot to do with how Lisa interacts with the puppies at a very early age. The puppies get used to being around people, children, and the many sounds of a neighborhood and family. I think this was key in how our pup’s personally was molded. He is nothing short of a fluffy ball of joy that loves being around people and doing new things.

Sully: Matthew Shapiro

All of your dogs have amazing personalities and you have a great setup with the Kennels and how you start all your puppies out with potty training. It is very clear how much you care about all the puppies that you sell with the PAT testing, the micro chipping, with the vitamin supplement that you make for all of your dogs, and the care packages that you send home with every puppy.

Duke: Joe & Lauren Woodworth

We would like to thank Lisa for an amazing puppy! May is calm, smart, cute and everything we had hoped for. She is well-rounded in many other ways too. Imagine our delight when she learned how to sit within days of our bringing her home with us. We think that’s because Lisa and her family cared for and loved the puppies from day 1 to week 8 when we got her, which is crucial for a puppy’s life. The puppy play date was a great way to initially bond with the puppies, and that’s where we first took notice of May. We loved reading the puppy personality report, and it confirmed our impressions.

May: Chihiro & Darryl

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