Sunshine Doodles has a litter of Poodles!!!
They’re here and ready to go home on February 18th, 2023
NEVER an allergy or shedding issue, these babies are 100% hypoallergenic, non-shedding and completely adorable!!!
This litter of Moyen size Poodles came from our precious Sweet Pea and Baby Bear… which means temperament wise, they are the sweetest, most gentle, fun-loving and loyal poodles you could ever even imagine.
Adoption fee is set at $1850. Inquire today as they will adopt quickly!
We only offer Poodles once every other year or so, as we keep a few for our program which consists of only the best, outstanding, breed worthy parent dogs.️
Fun fact: Did you know you can cut your poodles soft, beautiful coat exactly the way you cut an F1b doodles coat and they will look identical? It’s the teddy bear cut so many people love now, rather than the old fashion “clean cut” that folks have been giving their poodles for years now.


These are the litters that have been bred and are on their way!


Piper x Yogi Bear Mini-Goldendoodles:  Our precious little oh-so-sweet F2b Mini-Goldendoodle “Piper”, was bred to our adorable, dark red Miniature Poodle stud “Yogi”, for a litter of gorgeous, non-shedding, hypo-allergenic, F2bb Teddy Bear Mini-Goldendoodle puppies 😊.  These babies will be some of the smallest Mini Goldendoodles we offer!  Their coats are anticipated to be the adorable, tighter teddy bear curls, with colors ranging from the rare, highly sought after parti coats (white with golden-red spots), to beautiful apricots and rich dark reds… just GORGEOUS!!  We estimate that these minis will grow to be approximately 20-25lbs and stand approximately 17″ to the withers at full maturity.  Piper’s pups will be ready to be taken home April 1st, 2023 (Spring puppies, perfect potty training weather).  The adoption fee for these Mini Goldendoodles from Sunshine Doodles is $2,500.



Trooper x Bentley F2b Teddy Bear English Mini-Goldendoodles: Our gorgeous, red F1b Goldendoodle Trooper was bred to our happy-go-lucky honey & cream colored F1 Teddy Bear Goldendoodle Bentley, for an adorable litter of F2b Mini Teddy Bear English Goldendoodles! These doodles look to be ready for their forever homes April 1st, 2023 (Spring puppies, perfect potty training weather)! We estimate that these pups will grow to be approximately 25-30lbs and stand approximately 18″ to the withers at full maturity. We are anticipating these puppies non-shedding, hypoallergenic coats to range from loose gentle waves to medium curls, and with colors ranging from honey & cream like their daddy, to the highly sought after parti coats; white with adorable apricots spots, to beautiful shades of red. The adoption fee for these F2b Teddy Bear Mini-Goldendoodles from Sunshine Doodles is $2,500.


Aria x Milo Mini Bernedoodles: Our gorgeous F1b Mini Bernedoodle, Sunshine Doodles “Aria”, was bred to It’s A Puppy Thing’s adorable little F2b Mini Bernedoodle stud “Milo”, for a beautiful litter of multigen Miniature Bernedoodles, with perfect, non-shedding, hypoallergenic, loose to medium curled bi-colored and tri-colored coats ❤  These pups are expected to mature to 30lbs and 17-18” to the withers. Aria’s puppies will be ready for their forever homes the week of April 8th (Easter puppies)!!! The adoption fee for these F1b Mini-Bernedoodle puppies from Sunshine Doodles is $3400 for bi-color and $3800 for tri-color.



Please click on the link below to fill out our puppy application.

Puppy application

PayPal Puppy Deposit Item#SDDEP01 US $350.00 + $10.00 PayPal Service fee = $360.00

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