“Your search has ended: You want an honest, professional breeder for your new family member and you’ve asked around, checked out the Internet, etc. In other words, you have done what you are supposed to do! You have found all that and more in Lisa of Sunshine Doodles. Not only will you have a gorgeous new puppy, but you will also have a hand-raised, confident, gentle, smart, and loving new creature to share your life with.

Your puppy will excel in any training or challenge you place before him. He will stand out in any class. When you socialize him…every other puppy parent will want their puppy to play with yours because yours has already learned acceptable behavior. (You’d be surprised at how many haven’t!!)

Inviting prospective ‘parents’ to a puppy play date is further proof that Sunshine Doodles is exceptional. One quickly realizes that there is no bad choice of a puppy! You feel blessed to be on the list to take home one of a beautiful litter of babies.

The puppy nursery is spotless. The puppies are gorgeous and sweet, and already know to “go” outside. The framed birth certificate is the icing on the cake.

Is my testimonial over the top? Perhaps, but so is my boy, Dakota, and the job that Lisa does is that of a true professional. Recommending her is a pleasure. Don’t miss your chance to expand your family with a Sunshine Doodle!!”

Dakota: Lisa

“When my girlfriend and I committed to Sunshine Doodles, our expectations were very high, but somehow they were wildly surpassed. Every step of the process was incredible. We loved how the puppy playdates were made into an event with decorations and time to play with the new doods. Lisa was very responsive and answered all of my questions along the way (I had many). Her facility is awesome and everything is top notch and done to a high standard.

Best of all is our dog’s temperament. He has an incredible personality and is simply irresistible. I think this has a lot to do with how Lisa interacts with the puppies at a very early age. The puppies get used to being around people, children, and the many sounds of a neighborhood and family. I think this was key in how our pup’s personally was molded. He is nothing short of a fluffy ball of joy that loves being around people and doing new things.

Sully is our best friend now and I can’t imagine our life without him. Thanks so much for all of the care that you put in, Lisa. I hope you continue Sunshine Doodles for many years to come so others can come to know the joy that we have experienced and continue to experience every day.”

Sully: Matthew Shapiro

“Thank you again Lisa Puckett of Sunshine Doodles. You are a very loving and caring breeder. We would highly recommend to anyone getting a golden doodle from you. All of your puppies are so cute. We love our golden doodle Duke, he is a lovely addition to our family. Duke has the sweetest personality and temperament, and is already doing great with potty training from day one.

All of your dogs have amazing personalities and you have a great setup with the Kennels and how you start all your puppies out with potty training. It is very clear how much you care about all the puppies that you sell with the PAT testing, the micro chipping, with the vitamin supplement that you make for all of your dogs, and the care packages that you send home with every puppy. We highly recommend Lisa to anyone considering adopting a golden doodle puppy.”

Duke: Joe & Lauren Woodworth

“We would like to thank Lisa for an amazing puppy! May is calm, smart, cute and everything we had hoped for. She is well-rounded in many other ways too. Imagine our delight when she learned how to sit within days of our bringing her home with us. We think that’s because Lisa and her family cared for and loved the puppies from day 1 to week 8 when we got her, which is crucial for a puppy’s life. The puppy play date was a great way to initially bond with the puppies, and that’s where we first took notice of May. We loved reading the puppy personality report, and it confirmed our impressions. And when it came time to choose, May really liked us and we just loved her. We knew we absolutely made the right choice. All of our experiences with Sunshine Doodles were positive. We would recommend without hesitation to anybody who wants to have a cute golden doodle like May to go with Lisa and Sunshine Doodles!!”

May: Chihiro & Darryl

“My husband and I couldn't have had a more magical and perfect experience with Sunshine Doodles. Lisa is incredibly communicative, kind and professional. Sunshine Doodles raises healthy, beautiful dogs and is dedicated to finding happy forever homes for their puppies. The puppy playdates offered future owners like ourselves an opportunity to interact with the puppies and observe their personalities and special characteristics. Sunshine Doodles said it best at our first playdate, "the puppy picks you just as much as you pick the puppy." Our fuzzy puppy, Goose, has filled our lives with joy since he entered our home. He is the perfect addition to our little family. He is spunky and lovable... growing and developing with each day. Goose is our little adventure seeking fur ball - always wagging his tail and melting our hearts with his teddy bear face. Thank you Sunshine Doodles, for adding a little more sunshine to our world! I can send a few more photos if you would like 🙂 I am kind of obsessed!”

Goose: Chelsea

“Prior to actively searching for a companion dog for myself, I did extensive library and internet research in order to choose the breed that was the best match for my lifestyle and living situation, and also to find a reputable breeder, someone whose integrity, knowledge and professionalism I could trust. My search came to a happy ending when finally I spoke with Lisa Puckett at Sunshine Doodles as she placed little Ellie Ray with me. At Sunshine Doodles website, you will find a wealth of helpful information. The website is filled with photos of her dogs, past and present, boys, girls, updates on current litters as well as post litters. Separate from the website, she maintains strong and ongoing connections with many of the people who have purchased her dogs. This little female Lisa placed with me is a constant source of joy and love. She is physically and emotionally healthy and structurally sound. Ellie is calm and confident, yet not aggressive. She is intelligent, always learning new things, and always wants to please. Her “leash manners” are wonderful and she sleeps peacefully and well at night. She loves meeting new people and dogs. Everyone who meets Ellie is delighted with her beautiful appearance, wonderful temperament and loving personality. Besides, she is loads of fun to be with! I couldn’t ask for a more affectionate and loyal little companion. In my experience, Lisa has demonstrated kindness, integrity and generosity, both as a person and a businesswoman. Additionally, she continues to demonstrate her tremendous love for her dogs and the breed in general, as well as her ongoing commitment to her clients, both past and present. I heartily recommend the Goldendoodle to anyone looking for a delightful dog and I highly recommend Lisa Puckett at Sunshine Doodles”

Ellie: Steph

“I wanted to send you some photos of Phoebe so you could see how much she has grown and what she has been up to.

She is the center of our lives and we couldn't love her more! We can't remember a time when she wasn't in our family...even though we have only had her for around 5 months. We are enjoying lots of lovely hikes and visits to the beach with her. She goes pretty much everywhere we go -coffee, weekend brunch, a glass of wine...she is always snuggled up at our feet. When we do leave her, we can't wait to come home to see her and be greeted by her unconditional love and eagerness. Everyone in the neighborhood loves her and we get stopped all the time by people wanting to hug her and pet her (everyone thinks she looks like the cutest stuffed animal...a white stuffed little polar bear!).

Phoebe has 2 best friends in the neighborhood...2 Portuguese Water Dogs who are 8 months old (flora and Monty). They have play dates 2-3 times a week and enjoy lots of fun romping in the garden and at the beach. Flora and Monty are brother/sister and sometimes they gang up on phoebe but she holds her own and tells them to back off (eddy and I feel proud when she sticks up
for herself)!

Anyhow - we love her more every day and are so so thankful she came into our lives! She is a bundle of joy and fun and we adore her. Needless to say, every rule we set has been broken...she snuggles on the sofa with us to watch tv and sleeps in our bed! Oh well....can't resist that adorable face!”

Phoebe: Laleh & Eddy

“We are totally enchanted with our puppy, Purple Girl or now Mimi (Miette, French for sweet little thing and I am nutty for French things). Anyway, she is all that was promised and more! So friendly, curious, smart, brave, eager to please, easy-going and fun! She learns things fast, usually it takes ONCE and she gets it. Like she is able to use our doggie door with no problem. It will be much more to her liking when she gets bigger, I am sure; but she gets it and uses it when she wants to come in and I am still messing around outside. I look up and there she is looking at me out the sliding glass door! We have had very few accidents inside. I say, "Time to go potty" and she does! If she has to go #2 also, then she goes and does that. Then she starts to explore. It is so evident she has had lots of positive hands-on contact. She is interested in everything. If something scary happens, she'll take off, but comes right back wanting to be reassured. I seriously cannot believe she is only 8 weeks old! She just has so much spunk! We are always laughing at something she is doing. She is really losing her teeny puppiness and growing into a conqueror around here! We love her so much! We thought we would let her sleep on our bed, but she likes to chew on Rick's hair at night and he has to get up early to go to work; so we are transitioning her to her crate. She likes her crate, so that is good. When she squeaks and doesn't want to be in it, I take her in bed with me till she falls asleep (or my arm does) and then she goes in the crate without a peep and sleeps until she has to go out. She is really adaptable--such a great quality. Will send pics as I download to the computer--hard to get them as she runs up every time I try to get close to take one; but I have a few cute ones. Thanks again, Lisa, for the food info. But most of all, thank you for caring so much about raising these excellent puppies!! Blessings to you and your family on this Easter!”

Mimi: Connie

“Working with Lisa through this adoption process has been a sheer delight. She went above and beyond in making us feel confident and involved in the decision making process. It was the extra touches, from the puppy personality test to the framed puppy birth certificate, that let us know she truly cares about her puppies and loves what she does. This is more than just a business for her and it shows as our little Mackayla came home highly socialized, unafraid of strangers or of being picked up high. We know a lot of TLC made Mackayla the great dog she is. We were also impressed with how organized, neat, and clean everything was when we went to go pick up Mackayla. Props to you Lisa, we know it’s not easy to keep it sparkling. Lisa is a woman of excellence, integrity, and breeds the most amazing dogs. If you are looking for a Goldendoodle in any size, shape or color I would highly recommend adopting from her.”

Mackayla: Gina & Val Rabanal

“We wanted to drop this note to tell what a wonderful experience we had throughout the process. We are first time puppy owner's and you assisted us from beginning to end, and answered numerous questions via-e-mail and by telephone. You were extremely thorough and patient with us. Early on we discussed our perfect puppy, you matched the perfect puppy for our family. The puppy is wonderful and a fine addition to our family. Every step of the way you communicated the events and completely kept us apprised of what was going on. Everything you told us was accurate, the puppy is happy, smart and extremely sweet. We live several hundred miles away, and came out twice, those road trips were well worth it! The only regret we have right now is that we didn't get two puppies.”

Nixie: Krevoy Family

“I want to thank you so very much for being so amazing throughout the whole "puppy process". From the time we first talked and you told me about your Daisy and Teddy Bear confirmed litter to the days after we picked our puppy, you have been so helpful and there to assist. I loved the updates on Daisy when she was pregnant, all the great pictures you sent of the puppies first weeks of life, the amazingly fun puppy play dates to get to know each puppy, and of course all your help and feedback helping us to make our final puppy decision. Having kids and a small child it was definately a hard decision to find a puppy that would be a good fit for our family. Mr. Green, now "BAMA" ....(Roll Tide) has been so sweet and playful. He does already show signs of beginning potty training, so I thank you for those efforts as well! I wish you great success with your new litter. I know you will make seven more families very happy with your terrific little puppies!”

Bama: Meredith Berger

“I wanted to send you a note because of the great experience I had with Sunshine Doodles. The care and love you gave the puppies the first 8 weeks of their lives was remarkable - you could see the love you had for the puppies. I enjoyed having the play dates and getting to know the puppies. I really liked the way that each puppy was evaluated and you spoke with me on several different occasions to figure out which puppies would fit our lifestyle. The pick up day was so special - you gave us plenty of time to decide on which one of the two we were thinking of (pink and purple) would be going home with us. I loved the goody bag and especially the birth certificate. The whole experience was a rewarding one and I would recommend Sunshine Doodles to anyone thinking of a Goldendoodle. We are so pleased with our little girl Violet.”

Violet: Vicky and Theodore London

“We had a wonderful experience with Sunshine Doodles. Lisa genuinely cared about our family and partnering with us on our journey to find our perfect new family member. It made me feel good that Lisa's four young kids love and play with the puppies thus helping them socialize. You can tell that breeding, raising, and matching the right puppy with your family is their passion. Another thing that impressed us was the temperament testing that is done at around 7 weeks. That was a helpful insight into the cute personalities of the puppies, and it aided in our decision making when it came to choosing our puppy.

We got the perfect puppy for our family! Obi is everything we were hoping for and more. Seriously, he is the cutest dog I've ever seen. Think teddybear. He is soft, curly, and he doesn't shed at all. His coloring is beautiful. Obi has such a sweet temperament, affectionate, and eager to please. There isn't a shortage of kisses. Obi has been so easy to train. Our three young kids love him. Even after we brought Obi home, Lisa has been there to answer any questions we've had. When you adopt a puppy from Sunshine Doodles, you have joined their family. We are so grateful to Sunshine Doodles for our sweet new family member, Obi!”

Obi: Kristen Yeager

“I just wanted to write to tell you how pleased we are wth our new little guy Biscuit. I have to tell you...Joe researched golden doodles for months before we found you (Sunshine Doodles) we couldn't be more pleased with so many things. the efforts and professionalism that you put into breeding these beautiful pups, and the extra steps to match families with puppies are just a few things that made this such a positive experience. Quite honestly, I have never known breeders to do what you do, also how socialized he was with the love he got long before he came home with us.

Biscuit has transitioned so well. He was almost completely potty trained when we brought him home at 8 weeks, now at 14 weeks he NEVER has accidents. He fetches, sits and shakes hands. We are going to start training in 2 weeks when he's able to be around other puppies at 16 weeks.

He is such a blessing, not only sweet, amazingly smart but an absolutely BEAUTIFUL addition to our family. We couldn't be more Happy or Blessed with our little man Biscuit.”

Biscuit: Joe and Debby Chyle

“Hobart is growing so fast. At our last vet appointment he weighed in at 14.9 lbs. Everyone who meets Hobart falls in love...each one of my kids has a special relationship with Hobart. Lincoln (my 2yr old) is no longer afraid of dogs, as a matter of fact we took him to a pumpkin patch and he was playing with the goats!

I have had a lot of inquires of where we got Hobart and I have highly recommended you Lisa. I think you are a wonderful breeder who truly loves the goldendoodle breed.

We are so happy Hobart is part of our family.”

Hobart: Cassandra

“I found Lisa and Sunshine Doodles while looking for a Mini Golden doodle breeder in Las Vegas. I was impressed that she got back to me the same evening I sent her my first e-mail. The very next day, I went to visit her and her sweet puppies. Each one was cuter than the next!! I was the last choice for my puppy's liter. I was a little nervous about this as I was really in love with one specific puppy! (They were all so sweet, but this one came right over to me when we met and I just fell in love with him.) On "Puppy Pick Up" day, we were waiting all day to find out what puppy would be coming home with us!! We had prayed that the right one would be left for our family. When we went to our appointment, Lisa brought out the last puppy. It was Blue!!! The one we were hoping to have!! We couldn't believe that out of all 7 puppies, we got the one we wanted!!!!!!

From the moment we first spoke to Lisa, she has been so helpful. This is our family's first puppy, so we have had a lot of questions! We were drawn to the fact that the puppies are raised with her family and her kids. I feel like this helped "Blue" transition really easy into our family. He was so easy to potty train and is one smart little guy! We could tell he was well loved before we brought him home.

We feel so blessed that we found Sunshine Doodles. Blue has been such a fun addition to our family and it is comforting to know he came to us from a wonderful breeder. If you are looking for a Golden Doodle, you will be so impressed by Lisa and her dogs. Just leave a little extra time if you go someplace with your new puppy. EVERYONE stops us to ask about him and say how cute he is!!!!”

Blue boy: Kirsten Munding

“Just wanted to let you know that Bella is doing great! She loves the beach life and we are head over heels for her. We can't thank you enough for such a wonderful experience the whole puppy process was. You can tell the puppies are so loved and well cared for from even before they are born. From the 1st few pictures of the tiny babies, to the 7 week photo update and then the final choosing of our puppy which went so perfectly, you were so wonderful at answering all my calls, emails and silly questions. I can't thank you enough and we especially love the puppy birth certificate that you gave us, what a fantastic way to look back on such a memorable experience. Please feel free to use us as a reference and we will keep you updated with future photos.

Love from the Howard Family”

Bella: The Howard Family

“After more than twenty-five years of telling ourselves we didn’t want another pet that would complicate our busy lives but all that time still being tempted, we gave-in to the nagging desire and adopted Tiara’s “Purple Girl” this past August 23rd. (Tiara’s “Purple Girl” is now named “Kallie.” ) And, now we are telling ourselves it’s the best thing we’ve done for a long time!

You deserve so much of the credit for making our adoption of Kallie so remarkable! First, your careful selection of the parents … i.e., she has good genetics. Your care and attention during gestation is very evident as is Kallie’s care and medical attention after birth and following through to the adoption. You attended to every detail that enabled us to adopt a wonderfully healthy and happy puppy.

Your professionalism was even more evident on “adoption day” with documentation of Kallie’s veterinary (immunizations, et al) records, useful care information, a specially prepared birth certificate, and more, all presented with a great personal and loving touch.

Kallie is already well adjusted to her new home. She’s a quick learner. She accepted her crate without any resistance whatsoever and is sleeping through the nights. Her “house training” is progressing surprisingly well. She is already responding to simple commands. She entertains herself and us and is always causing big smiles and laughs with her antics.

At the risk of belaboring Kallie’s merits and how happy and satisfied we are with Sunshine Doodles, we’ll just end here feeling all the joy Kallie has brought into our lives! Thank you for making it possible.”

Kallie: Chuck & Margo

“I wanted to write and thank you so much for our sweet Cooper. We can't imagine life without him! He is doing so well! He loves everyone he meets, people and dogs alike. He is attending puppy classes with us and is a star pupil. Like many others who find you, we researched and researched to find the prefect breeder to help us with choosing our new fluffy family member. I know several of my friends thought I was crazy to travel from Texas to Las Vegas but when I found your website I just knew you were the breeder I wanted to work with. I loved all of the information you had available on your website and I could tell you were very knowledgeable and genuinely loved your dogs and wanted to match your puppies to the best possible homes. Once I talked with you there was no question I had made the right decision. You were so patient with our questions, e-mails, and anxiety about the whole process. I LOVED the pictures you sent keeping us updated on what was going on and how the puppies were doing. You once said to me that you were always amazed that no matter the "pick-up" order of a litter, the right puppies always seemed to go to the right families. You were right! Cooper is the perfect dog for us! Thank you, thank you so much! I would definitely recommend you highly to anyone. Someday if Cooper travels with us to visit our family in Las Vegas maybe we could stop and see you :-).”

Cooper: Johansen Family

“Lisa Puckett and Sunshine Doodles is simply amazing. Lisa is so easy going and will answer all your questions, even ones that might seem ridiculous or you are afraid to ask. She knows her business and you can see how much hard work goes into her breeding program. We were very torn on when it came time to choose because they were all so cute with playful and sweet personalities. I think I could have been happy with any of them. We took more than the full hour appointment to choose, it was that tough. But I am very happy we went with our Pickles. He loves people, children and other dogs. He just likes being near you and he puts a smile on everyone he meets. Nothing scares or startles him, not even the vacuum. When we decide we have room for a second without a doubt I will be giving Lisa and Sunshine Doodles a call. Without a hesitation I highly recommend them if you are thinking of making a goldendoodle a part of your family. Thanks again Lisa and Sunshine Doodles!”

Pickles: Brooke

“Lisa & Sunshine Doodles we cannot thank you enough for giving us Tucker. My fiancé Jace and I had been talking about getting a dog for a few years now and wanted to make sure we did our research and made the right choice. After deciding we wanted a goldendoodle, we did an extensive search of breeders in which we ultimately chose Sunshine Doodles. What a blessing!!!!! Lisa was so kind and helpful throughout the entire process. She answered every question and concern that we had. When we met our litter of puppies we instantly knew which puppy was for us. We instantly connected with Tucker and could not wait to bring him home. Lisa deserves an award for how easy she made Tucker's transition home with us. He was pretty much housebroken already (he's only had a total of 3 accidents in the house! Amazing!!!) and he sleeps in his crate through the night without crying. He is very calm and loving. His personality is so sweet that we’re hoping to certify him as a therapy dog so he can bring as much happiness to others as he brings to us! We may be biased, but Tucker is hands down the cutest dog we have ever seen!! Our experience as first time puppy parents has been absolutely amazing and we have loved every second of it. We owe it all to Lisa! Thank you again for giving us our greatest joy, we will definitely be back for more!!”

Tucker: Olivia & Jace

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