Sunshine Doodles Coco ~ F1b Mini-Bernedoodle

Coco’s personality is happy and energetic. She loves to play catch with a tennis ball and takes any chance she can get to hop around on the trampoline! Coco reminds us to look for joy in life as we watch her find pleasure even the simple things like an afternoon cuddle on the couch. She is extremely loving and just wants to experience everything life has to offer by your side.  She brings our family so much happiness.

Sweet Pea

Sunshine Doodles Sweet Pea ~ Small Standard Poodle

Sweet Pea is a good-natured, obedient poodle. She is a gentle companion who politely and patiently waits her turn, even for treats. Sweet and loving, she will stand on her two hind legs to give you a hug in appreciation for the love you give her. Her affectionate ways include just enjoying sitting next to you and being your bestie. Sweet Pea is easily trainable and very loyal. She loves children and attention. She’s a true people-pleaser


Sunshine Doodles Aayla ~ F1B Teddy Bear English Mini-Goldendoodle

Aayla is a sweet and curious companion. Alert, intelligent and loyal, she is eager to please and almost human-like with her keen intuition and quirky personality. She shows her love affectionately with snuggles and steady obedience. She will nestle her head on your chest to give you a warm hug. Aayla is very good with children of all ages. Over and over she has proven her ability to quickly catch on to new commands.


Sunshine Doodles Buttercup ~ European English Crème Golden Retriever

Buttercup is a best friend. She is a big lovable, loyal playmate and gentle cuddler. She shines in intelligence and obedience. She seems to understand that being easily trainable results in making you happy, and she is all about that. Buttercup loves to retrieve, but when she thinks that the game of keep-away has begun; just try to take it from her! She loves the outdoors, especially with kids, and whenever water is involved in the sport. Buttercup loves to play with other dogs and is very gentle around young children. Her intuition comes through when she picks up on your need for extra love and of course kisses.


Sunshine Doodles Princess ~ F2 Mini-Goldendoodle

Princess has the classic doodle personality. She is very social and lives to please us. Princess has been the perfect addition to our family. She is the ideal companion for children and adults alike. She excels in intelligence and trainability, traits that make dog-ownership a true joy. We love that she doesn’t even think about holding a grudge or sulking when she’s corrected. One of her most endearing qualities is her super-silly smile.


Sunshine Doodles Piper ~ F2 Parti Teddy Bear Mini-Goldendoodle

Piper is a big snuggly lap dog. She is smart, sweet, loving and well-mannered. She is a quick learner, loyal and driven to please. Piper loves to play and her favorite playmates are kids and other dogs. She enjoys frolicking in the water and playing in the park. Piper blends so well into the family that she may think she’s actually a person.


Sunshine Doodles Pheenie ~ F2 Parti Teddy Bear Mini-Goldendoodle

Pheenie has all the traits we love in doodles. She is very gentle, loves to play and is extremely intelligent. She learns very quickly and remembers her obedience training well. We love her big hugs. With paws on your shoulders, she’ll actually lay her head down in a complete and genuine hug. Pheenie enjoys “conversations” with her people. She’s also every bit a lady when it comes to barking, only doing so when it’s warranted.


Sunshine Doodles Bentley ~ F1 Goldendoodle

Our adorable Bentley is the most loving and loyal doodle ❤️. He has a wonderful calm and relaxed demeaner. He loves to be cuddled and have belly rubs. He enjoys playing fetch & going on bike ride walks/trots with the kids. He plays well with other four-legged playmates too! He is gentle, obedient, and just the sweetest boy. Everyone who comes in contact with him falls in love. They are always impressed with his manners. He is truly the best boy! We are so thankful to have him as a part of our Sunshine Doodle family ❤️

Baby Bear

Sunshine Doodles Baby Bear ~ Miniature Poodle

Baby Bear took his father Teddy Bear’s place when he retired and is responsible for a good majority of our doodles’ outstanding and solid personalities. Much like his father, Baby is very intelligent, loyal, sweet, very playful and keenly aware of what’s going on. He doesn’t miss much of anything. He’s the little one that runs the house! Baby Bear loves to run, loves his toys, belly rubs and bedtime with his 13-year-old boy.


Sunshine Doodles Trooper ~ F1b Teddy Bear Goldendoodle

Trooper never met a stranger she didn’t instantly love and trust. She is energetic yet cuddly. She finds joy in jumping into puddles, rivers, lakes and pools. Trooper hikes and camps like a…… well, like a trooper! She is extremely agile and loves to jump through hoops. Her big personality and funny smiles make her a favorite with everyone, even cat people! Teddy bears and kids are favorites of this fun loving doodle.


Sunshine Doodles Lily ~ F1 Teddy Bear English Goldendoodle

Lily is a happy, playful, loving, friendly and intuitive girl. She is always interested in what’s happening with us because it’s obvious she thinks she’s just another person in our family. Lily seems to comprehend so much of what we say! I can have a conversation with her and if I didn’t know better, I’d think she understands the English language. She communicates well with her eyes and the tilt of her head. If you are having a difficult or stressful day, she’ll cozy up next to you and offer her paw to you. She gazes up at you with a look that says,” I understand and I’m here for you.”


Sunshine Doodles Zorro ~ Miniature Tri Poodle

Zorro is quite the character. He is full of charm, fiercely protective and always up for an adventure. He loves to compete in obstacle courses that showcase not only his brain as he solves dog puzzles but also his brawn. Zorro is brave beyond his miniature stature, acting as adventure scout and neighborhood walk leader/protector. At night he does rounds like a security guard and then periodically checks on each family member as they sleep throughout the night! We love his tender side; if he finds anyone unwell, he forgoes the comfort of his own bed and makes room for himself at their side. He may look like a pretty poodle on the outside, but Zorro is the whole package from athlete to nursemaid to fierce family protector.


Sunshine Doodles S’mores ~ F1b Chocolate/Cafe au lait Goldendoodle

S’mores is an affectionate dog who loves attention but is also very well-mannered, not forcing herself on anyone. She was so easy to train because she is smart and wants so much to please her people with obedience. S’mores is playful, loves walks and enjoys meeting other neighborhood dogs, but tiny humans that will rub her belly are her favorite. Her protective instincts and the chance to play will have her following her boys around the house watching over them ever ready to join in the fun. She has been the best dog we’ve ever welcomed into our family.


Sunshine Doodles Twilight ~ Standard F1 Bernedoodle

Twilight is the closest thing to a giant teddy bear that a dog can be. She can never have enough cuddle time and will find the tiniest corner of a chair and climb up next to us. She can make her giant body fit anywhere if it means she can sleep next to her family. Twilight “talks” to us with her noises and it seems like she honestly thinks we understand her. She loves to play fetch but only with a ball. If she sees you pick up a ball she hops around like an excited pony. She loves to lay on the floor at the edge of the kitchen and watch me while I cook. She will randomly make her Twilight talking sounds to start a “conversation” with me or just to get my attention. She has brought so much laughter and love to the family.

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